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MATERIALISM IN MEDICINE. A PLEA FOR THE PATIENT.* By C. D. Hill, A. B.. M. D., Jersey cleocin iv City. Sui'i?con to St. Francis Hospital. Sometime ago a woman was referred to me with a tentative diagnosis of cholelithiasis. She too thought that she had gallstones, and as her mother had died from this disease, she was very much alarmed about her condition. After a very careful examination I told her she had a floating kidney but no gallstones. About two cleocin cream acne months later I learned, much to my surprise, that she had had no pain since my examination, although she had been a constant sufferer before that time. cleocin 900 mg While reading the notes of this case for introduc- mg them in a paper which I was preparing on the diagnosis of gallstones, I became more impressed with the workings of the patient's mind than with the diagnosis of her disease. As this is the last meeting of the club for the year, and as we have had papers on cleocin tablets various diseases, it seemed to me it would be only an act of justice to make a plea for the patient himself. In other words, we are becom- ing so cleocin 100 mg materialistic cleocin suspension in our treatment of disease, we are apt to loose sight of the patient. We are apt to forget the influence of the patient's mind in the cause and cure of disease. We are apt to forget that Mr. Brown, whom we treated six months ago for pneumonia, is still Mr. Brown, although he now has tonsillitis, and that six months hence, although we see him sulTering from appendicitis, he will still be Mr. Brown, witli all his sensibilities, feelings, fancies, emotions, vagaries, and lack or superabund- ance of faith. cleocin t pads Is it not a fact that the patient's name and personality are often absolutely unknown to us, and we only remember him by the cleocin 2 name of his disease? Especially is this the tendency with those of us connected with the surgical side of a hospital. To us Mr. White is the man who had an oblique fracture of the tibia; -Mrs. Gixcn, the woman upon whom we operated for a strangulated femoral hernia ; Willie Blue, the boy whose nose was cleocin t acne broken by a baseball. Is it any wonder that these patients think we are like the entomologists and look \\\w\\ them as cleocin topical solution interesting speci.ncns? Biit * l!c;i(l iipfnip (111- rinsli-lnns' and cleocin oral Snriroons" Club of ,7(>r9i?.v ni.v, M.iv LM. 1!"i7. order cleocin online September 28, 1907.] HILL: MATERL4LISM LX MEDICLXE. 587 if this is our attitude toward them, they do not for- get that a man is neither a bug, butterfly, nor worm. Huxley himself cleocin cost warns us that, although we can only advance our knowledge by adhering cleocin phosphate to scien- tific buy cleocin t formula and symbols, we may get beyond the limits of philosophical inquir)-, and such "errors of systematic materialism may paralyze the cleocin antibiotic energies and destroy the beauty of a life." In our efforts to reduce medicine to an exact sci- ence, to see man only as a diseased animal, or as a machine to be repaired, we go so far afield, we ma}- be in danger of neglecting the rich har\-est that lies right at the gateway and all along the highway. We are apt to forget that a man is made up of some- thing more than bones and muscles, tendons cleocin 600 mg and ners'es, blood vessels and cleocin suppositories lymphatics, or gray and white nervous matter ,yes. even of suprarenal glands and pituitarv bodies. When we have learned the anatomy of cleocin topical gel man, the functions of all the organs and all the pathological accidents that may happen to him, we may still not know that greater inner man, and we may be handi- capped when we try to administer to him. While we know the individual parts we may not know the individual. There is so much to learn in the science and art of medicine, so much progress, so many things, new- to-day, to-morrow superseded by something better, that we have necessarily developed into specialists, and in doing so we mav change from the broad gauge road of general medicine on to the narrow- gauge road of specialism. The specialist, even more than the general practitioner, is prone to magnify disease and to relegate the individual and his per- sonality to a secondary place. When we begin to recall cases illustrating the

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